OM Foods is an organic restaurant and catering service in Chico, California. 

At OM Foods, our desire is not only to serve highly nutritious foods that are filling and colorful, but to advocate for a food system without artificial ingredients and GMOs as well.

We make good, healthy food available quickly and easily to our local community.

We know how much time it takes to provide nourishing food during your busy day. We are here to help.

Owner and chef Amanda Bosschart began her quest of healing with foods by offering her services as a Personal Chef. This led to catering jobs at events and festivals, and eventually Amanda opened a booth at the local Thursday night farmer's market in Chico. This is where OM Foods made its mark with Amanda's famous Vegan Nachos with homemade cashew “cheese” sauce. 

The logical next step was to open a Brick and Mortar location for OM Foods so that Amanda's food could be more available to the public. After a stint in our organic food hut, OM Foods is now in downtown Chico meeting the community's needs for fresh, delicious, vegan food for lunch and dinner. 

OM Foods also provides catering services and soon to be available at festivals during the summer months.

Interested in our catering services? please email us at or call 530-965-5263.